Vasutas PANNÓNIA Dance Ensemble – Pécs

The ensemble is the legal successor of “KISZÖV” Dance Ensemble established in 1958, adopting the name “PANNÓNIA” in 1987. The ensemble aims at acquainting young people with the treasures of Hungarian folk-dance, and – after adapting it to the stage – performing it in front of the audience. Their programme is composed of both authentic and thematic dances. Several festival-prizes prove the standard of the group both in Hungary and abroad. They tour in Europe, get to Asia and America. The maintainer of the ensemble is the “Vasutas Művelődési Ház” in Pécs, the leader of the group is Károly Donáczi (Charlie) folk-dance artist.

Address of the ensemble: 7621 Váradi A. u. 7/2. Pécs, Hungary